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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Canadian C15 LRSW Big Mac
C15 LRSW Specifications
Role: Long Range Sniper Weapons System (LRSW)
Name: C15 ( McMillan Tac-50 )
Calibre: 12.7 × 99mm (.50" BMG)
Range: 2400m meters (effective)
Action: Manual bolt
Mag.: 5-round detachable box
Sight: 16x Leupold
Long Range Sniper Weapon – McMillan’s ‘Big Mac’
The .50-caliber or 12.7mm McMillan Tac-50 became the ‘interim’ Canadian Long Range Sniper Weapon in 2000. Since then, the “Big Mac” has established a fearsome reputation ( including a record sniping distance shot – 2430m set by a 3PPCLI sniper in 2002 during fighting in the Shah-i-kot). But the McMillan rifle was never meant to act as a primary sniper’s weapon. Original interest in the Tac-50 came from engineers who required a weapon powerful enough to penetrate the casings of unexploded ordnance. Afghanistan would expand the repertoire.
[Suppressor-equipped C15 'Big Mac' on the range] [16x Leupold sight as used on the C15] As an interim weapon, this LRSW was only slightly modified from the Tac-50s available commercially – shorter bipod legs and a movable cheek piece were adopted. The McMillan A4 composite stock broke down for carrying behind the pistol grip but at 12kg and 145cm in length, this rifle was still a brute to lug. A competition was planned to select a standard Long Range Sniper Weapon.

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