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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Canadian C14 MRSWS Timberwolf

C14 MRSWS Specifications
Role: Medium Range Sniper Weapons System (MRSWS)
Name: C14 (Timberwolf SWS)
Calibre: 8.6mm × 70mm Lapua
Range: 1500 meters
Action: Manual bolt
Mag.: 5-round detachable box
Sight: USO SN-3 EREK 3.2-17 [1]
The new C14 Timberwolf snipers rifle – properly, the “Medium Range Snipers Weapon System” – is the replacement for the venerable CF 7.62mm C3A1. The C14, by Winnipeg’s Prairie Gun Works, is chambered for a 8.6mm round (better known as .338" Lapua). This dedicated sniper round has about twice the range of the .308"/7.62mm round, allowing the C14 to take over the longer-range anti-personnel tasks which had fallen to the .50-cal.

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