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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Pump-action 12 gauge shotgun chambered for 2 3/4" and 3" magnum, with dual magazine feed and 15 round total capacity.
Automatic alternating or selectible feed dual magazines with quick loading ports, compressible magazine springs and shell counters.

Integrated top mounted picatenny rail for iron sights of optics.
Quick detachable ghost ring rear sight, quick detachable single post front sight.
Carbon fiber reinforced magazine protectors with laser etched shell counter numbers.

Carbon fiber reinforced receiver with integrated spring loaded shell feeding device and quick removable hammer / sear fire control housing.
Precision machined 4140 steel housing, spring loaded ejector.
Carbon fiber reinforced flip-up stock comb / shell funnel.
Carbon fiber reinforced butt plate with 0.5" thick, 8 durometer (A scale) energy absorbing synthetic recoil pad.

Carbon fiber reinforced bolt body with precision machined 4140 steel, heat treated, rotary bolt head with three locking lugs.
Precision machined 4140 steel, heat treated, barrel extension three locking lug mortises.
Precision machined 4140 steel, chrome lined barrel with muzzle threaded to accept Beretta style chokes.
Rifle spreader-choke (to throw an 18" pattern at 15') with flash suppressor ventilation and strike bezel.
Carbon fiber reinforced lower receiver housing with integrated button operated point-&-shoot spotlight and laser night sights.
Forward, rear and mid-point quick detachable sling swivel mounting points.
Matt black anti glare finish on all polymer parts.
Matt black chrome anti-corrosion finish on all steel parts.
Overall lenght 27.8"
Weight 7.2 lbs (approx)
No tools required field stripping in 45 seconds.

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