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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


CALIBER 5.56X45mm NATO (.223 Rem)
MAGAZINE CAPACITY 30 rds. (standard, will accept any M16 type mag). C-Mag 100 Rd drum compatible
WEIGHT (UNLOADED) 12.75 lb (5.78 kg)
WEIGHT W/LOADED 30 RD MAG 13.75 lb (6.24 kg)
OVERALL LENGTH 39.4 in (1.0 m)
BARREL LENGTH 20 in (51.0 cm)
METHOD OF OPERATION Gas; Direct system; Locking bolt
TYPE OF FIRE Fully Automatic
RATE OF FIRE 600 - 750 rpm
SAFETY Fire selector: blocks trigger and sear
RIFLING 1 turn in 7in (178 mm), right twist, 6 grooves
MUZZLE VELOCITY (M193) 3251 ft/sec (991 m/sec)
MUZZLE VELOCITY (M855) 3100 ft/sec (945 m/sec)
MUZZLE ENERGY (M193) 1722 Joule
MUZZLE ENERGY (M855) 1765 Joule
SIGHTING SYSTEM Full M16A2/A4 type, adjustable to 600m for elevation and windage
RECEIVER Flat top rail that allows for easy mounting of optics and other sighting systems
The Colt Automatic Rifle is ideally suited to today’s modern warfare requirements for rapid deployment, mobility in battle, and high volumes of accurate fire. The Automatic Rifle builds on the strengths of the combat proven design while incorporating special features to increase its capability to deliver accurate, controlled and sustained firepower for the Infantryman.
The Colt Automatic Rifle is a gas operated, air-cooled, magazine fed, fully automatic weapon which fires from the open bolt position. The new, heavier barrel design increases stability, accuracy and heat dissipation. A new hydraulic buffer assembly is incorporated to achieve a firing rate of 600-750 rounds per minute. The Automatic Rifle features a rugged bipod design, which deploys and retracts rapidly and easily with the use of a single hand. The low cyclic rate of fire, heavy barrel, front grip, bipod and M16A2/A4 sighting system combine to yield unprecedented controllability and accuracy in a “light machine gun” at extended ranges.
The Colt Automatic Rifle shares common features with the M16A2/A4 Rifle. The Automatic Rifle’s operating controls and handling characteristics are immediately familiar to soldiers trained in operating the M16 family of firearms. It uses the same wide variety of ammunition as the M16A2/A4 including M193, M855, SS109 and tracer rounds. The commonality of the Colt Automatic Rifle magazine and parts with the M16 family of weapons drastically reduces the training and logistics requirements to introduce the Automatic Rifle in service.

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