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Saturday, October 10, 2009




Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308) and .243
Operation: Bolt Action
Barrel: 25.6"
Weight: 8.6lb (3.9 kg) empty; 10.1lb (4.6 kg) with telescope
Length: 44.5" (1140mm)
Feed Mechanism: 5 round rotary magazine, or 10 round box mag.
Stock: ABS Cycolac synthetic half stock. Removable spacers in butt adjusts length of pull from 12 3/4" to 14"
Sights: 6-power Kahles SF69 telescopic sight (SSG-69), iron sights. Single or double set triggers available

SSG-69 is the Austrian Army's standard issue sniper rifle, the PI is the civilian version of the same weapon. The SSG-69 is also used by several police agencies. The SSG is extremely accurate and several international compititions have been won using an SSG-69 with accuracy being sub .5 MOA and I've even seen some sub .25 MOA rifles. The ZF69 scope is graduated for firing out to 800 meters, but of course, the scope can be replaced with other models.

The PII is a modified version of the PI that has been tailored toward the Law Enforcement field. It has a heavier contour barrel with no iron sites, and an enlarged bolt handle (which I am very fond of). The price on the PI and PII's has steadily been coming down, and makes these rifles one of the best buys on the market!

I recently took a PII out for another evaluation. The rifle shot very well, staying down around .5 MOA with federal gold medal match ammo. I've always liked the two-stage trigger of steyrs, but don't mess with the double set triggers, they are fine for target shooting but I personally do not think there is a place for them on tactical rifles. The action on the PII was not very smooth which I didn't like. There was a lot of jerkyness when cycling the bolt, especially if you were trying to do rapid followup shots. Its not a horrible thing and all the steyrs are like that, but after shooting a lot of remington 700/40X actions, it felt clunky. But like I said, it doesn't take anything away from the performance of the rifles.

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