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Monday, October 12, 2009

ROBAR SR-60 & SR-90

Robar SR-60 & SR-90
Caliber: All Available
Action: Bolt Action, Remington 700BDL accurized
Barrel: 24" Stainless Steel Heavy Contour, Match Grade.
Weight: 10 lbs
Feed Mechanism: 3 round internal magazine (magnum calibers)
4 round internal magazine (standard calibers)
Feed Mechanism: Internal Magazine
Stock: McMillan fiberglass, black, grey or camo, pillar bedded.
Accuracy: Guaranteed 1/2 MOA

Based on the USMC M40A1, using a Remington 700 action, completely accurized with a bench rest quality stainless steel barrel, and a Remington trigger. Robar has built an excellent quality sniper rifle, it is built to military specifications (M40A1). The SR-60D has a detachable box magazine and an adjustable stock, both length of pull and comb. The SR-90 is a more advanced rifle featuring a very nice McMillan adjustable stock with palm swells and other nice features.

Both of these rifles are excellent and deliver exceptional performance. There is nothing new or ground breaking with these rifles, just good ol' high quality performance.

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