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Friday, October 9, 2009



Caliber : 7.62mm NATO (.308 Win)
Magazine : 4 shot detachable box
Barrel : 26" (660mm), 1:12" twist
Weight (no scope) : 9.98 lbs. (4.47 kg)
Overall Length : 45.75" (1160 mm)
Stock : HS Precision Pro Series, aluminum bedding block
Sights : none furnished
Features : Winchester control round feed action
Price : Street price is about $1100

The FN Special Police is a newly designed police tactical rifle, built by FN in the USA. Since USRAC is owned by FN, and USRAC owns winchester firearms, it was natural for FN to use the Winchester control round feed action and bolt. They then took a rotary forged barrel of their own, chrome lined it, and mounted it. The next step was a HS Precision Pro Stock. They use the standard aluminum bedding block in all HS Precision stocks, which is good, but I personally feel glass/steel bedding is better (but I really do not have a lot of facts to back this claim up with). The detachable box magazine is always a nice, and preferred feature, I am glad to see more rifles coming out with this feature.

These rifles shoot pretty nice, with sub .75 MOA accuracy with factory match ammo, and occasionaly dropping down to .5 MOA. They are a comfortable rifle to shoot, and I've always liked the palm swell and texture of the HS Precision stocks. These rifles are a bit more expensive then the Remington 700P's, but they shoot a bit better then unmodified 700P's. I am somewhat impressed with these rifles and recommend them for department use. I do prefer the Remington action over the winchester (and especially the remington trigger). But the performance speaks for itself and cannot be argued with.

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