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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CZ 750 S1 M1 SPORT

CZ 750 S1 M1 SPORT
Calibre (detachable magazine) .308 Win.
Magazine Capacity (DM) 10
Stock plastic
Trigger mechanism operation adjustable
Sights no sights
Overall length 1220 mm
Barrel length 660 mm
Height 175 mm
Width 77 mm
Weight 5,8 kg
Barrel broached
The core of this category is the line of the CZ 550 repeating rifles with uniquely upgraded Mauser 98 action. These elegant modern rifles, made with an unrivalled craftsmanship excel in their remarkable sturdiness, absolute reliability under any climatic conditions and outstanding accuracy. The centerfire rifle portfolio of the Medium category is complemented with the CZ 555 model having partly different bolt action and some other modifications, further there is a highly precise sniper rifle the CZ 750 S1 M1 SPORT and the CZ 858 TACTICAL semi-automatic rifle.
The CZ 750 S1 M1 Sport rifle represents the primary version of our repeating rifles range with Mauser-type bolt and heavy barrel designed for precise target shooting up to 800 m (875 yd.) distances. The single-set trigger mechanism is equipped without a set trigger but the weapon can be delivered also with an adjustable set trigger on special order. The trigger itself is adjustable for pull weight and trigger travel. The safety secures the rifle against unintentional discharge and at the same time blocks the bolt in closed position. For the scope mount attachment the milled grooves located at the top of the receiver can be used or alternatively the Weaver rib made according to MIL-STD 1913 Standard specifically designed for the scope mount attachment. The CZ 750 S1 M1 rifle is equipped with an adjustable and very sturdy synthetic stock to be used under the most severe conditions. Rifles of the CZ 750 line are built for the bipod attachment.

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